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Welcome to the age of regeneration

re:storied is a portal for potential - a playground for transforming the world of communications, marketing and PR.

Beyond today’s polluted attention economy, we make time and space for what really matters: being, belonging and beauty.

We dream of a world, where communicators become the spark of light in communities. Their stories, artworks, conversations, and dreams, weave new potential in the hearts of people, in places, and across ecosystems. re:storied is the tribal space for the wise re:connectors of worlds.

re:storied has emerged from a fertile co-creation journey of its founders Emilie, Niels and Jean-Philippe. Our personal life stories have brought us to become creative healers, courageous reconcilers and visionary bridge builders.

Now, we’re opening a community space for those that are the connectors, the voices of the voiceless, and the imagineers of a place’s potential. It is a meeting point between the visible and invisible, between nature and culture, between creativity and logic.

We believe in the human potential of becoming stewards in the web of life. As communicators, we are the spark of light and creativity in souls, communities and places. Our unique recipe is inspired by the wisdom of marginalised perspectives and the communication patterns of nature.


How we see our role

we are space-holders

we make sure that our community space feels safe, nourishing, inspiring and caring. We want you to feel in power.

we are envisioners

we invite you to become co-creators in imagining regenerative futures in concrete and feasible terms where it is needed.

we are pathfinders

we help you orient yourself in the growing regenerative movement through our networks and dynamically mapping the movement.

we are creatives

we experiment with artistic and innovative ways of communicating. We curate some of today’s most inspiring practices in storytelling, visual landscaping, conversation-hosting, branding and others.

Our Team

re:storied is a joint initiative between

Jean-Philippe Steeger

Founder at perspectivist.net

Jean-Philippe is a passionate and creative voice at the intersection of communications, leadership and policy-making. From an early age, he has felt he had a role to play to bring perspectives together. He has founded and led pioneering organisations in civil society and politics.

With the learnings from his regenerative journey since 2019, he has given life to his regenerative agency, Perspectivist. With a love for performing arts including theatre and circus, Jean-Philippe likes to integrate embodiment and creativity into his communication practice

Jean-Philippe Steeger

Emilie Grau

Founder at Slowpreneurs.com

Emilie is a leading voice of the slowpreneurship movement with Slowpreneurs.com. She loves working and exploring with entrepreneurs and brands which integrate ancestral wisdom, eco-spirituality and sensibility in their practices.

It is in these spaces, complementary to our rational mindset, that they can draw the required vitality and creativity to contribute to the harmony and prosperity of teams, communities, territories, and the Earth.

While continuing to train and experiment, she shares and uses the approach of Human Design into her Business Coaching and Digital Marketing Consulting practice.

Emilie Grau

Niels Devisscher

co-founder at sympoiesis.world
Niels Devisscher is a Regenerative Communications Designer. He is the co-founder of Sympoieisis, the experience and design lab co-creating regenerative futures. Through transformative experiences, he and his partner Ruta are inviting participants to feel and think like other species and systems, and imagine the futures that are possible if we embrace multi-species design and innovation. Through re:storied, Niels wants to facilitate spaces where we can ask bigger questions about our role as marketers and communicators in times of ecological collapse.

Niels is an award-winning landscape photographer, visual artist, and writer investigating health, regeneration, speculative futures, and human-earth connection. 
Niels Devisscher
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