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We bring communicators together to revitalize our relationship to being, belonging, and beauty.

For decades, dominant stories have told us that we are separate from nature, that limitless progress is possible, that the only purpose of marketing is to sell and boost profit. In the face of the poly-crisis and ecological collapse, we are called to re:story ourselves, our communities, and our organizations. 

Whether in conversations, on social media or in a movie – stories shape how we make sense of the world and our role in it. We don’t always tell stories, often stories tell us — they tell us what is right, what is good, and what is worth pursuing and protecting. At a time where little makes sense and hope is scarce, we are convinced that now is the time for a different story.

We believe in the power of regenerative communications to create new worlds together. re:storied is the space to shift narratives, enliven communities, and inspire regenerative action. We can choose to step into our power as communicators for life. 

the call

re:storied brings together those at the threshold of transformation

We are a community of re:connectors, re:enchanters, re:empowerers.
Through Regenerative Communications, we create thriving worlds together.

re:storied is a space and community that offers learning materials, workshops, and conversation circles to expand your regenerative thinking and feeling capacities and evolve your communications practice.

for who ?

re:storied the right space for you if...

You are a creative co-creator

Someone who wants to join a vibrant community space that supports you in your role. You want to enrich your communication practice, expand your perspectives and engage in potential bigger than your ego. 

You are fed up with the status quo

You are tired of greenwashing and understand that marketing-as-usual high-jacks our attention and uses our psychology against us, making us buy stuff we don’t need and delay radical climate action. You want to reinvent communications for thriving lives.

You are a passionate pioneer

in your field with a mission: you have wisdom to share and worlds to build. We gather communications and marketing specialists, activists, consultants, regenerators and impact leaders that want to weave the future. 

You are a voice for the voiceless

Someone who wants to give visibility to marginalized perspectives. You firmly believe in the potential of designing transformative solutions in which we can become parts in bigger stories.


re:storied is a place where communicators gather, learn, and co-create to usher in regenerative futures.

You will learn from and alongside fellow pioneers how to write powerful stories, cultivate imagination as a tool for social transformation, build a mesmerizing brand, and much more.

re:storied is a learning and practice community that is intentionally designed with love and care. Yet, as communicators and citizens our attention is constantly bombarded and it can be difficult to do what we plan to do: to continuously learn, network, develop personally, take care of our health, and have a “private” and “professional” life.

In this context and with two years of practical research on regenerative communications and learning psychology, our host team has come to the conclusion that communities are needed to embody the shift towards a regenenerative era. Research also increasingly shows that learning in community is not only more effective and sustainable, but also has a series of other benefits, including psychological and social.

Become a communication leader

We hold space for you to explore how to listen - and deeply touch the heads, hearts and hands of those important to you. It’s a playground to become a steward of transformation: of thriving organisations, communities, and places.

Shine your unique light

Beyond landscapes of trauma, it’s a journey that can help you distill your uniquely delicious essence, as a person, as a brand. Attune to your frequency to attract the right clients, audiences and tools.

Belong to a space for radical experimentation

We escape the lab of modernity and go into the wild fields of potential. Into a circus of experiences. We make space for you to inspire, test, play with, transform, hospice old practices, and renew your communication projects.


Our community experience is first and foremost a step into the unknown. We are firmly convinced that only from that space, something radically new can be born.

While many have been educated to look for « hands-on » arguments to check offers, keep in mind that transformation happens when you let go – and let come. We don’t host a training programme, but a co-creation space to grow into our potential.

We provide space for:


Learn how to narrate different futures and pathways for organisations, communities and places through storytelling, conversation hosting, workshop design, coaching and imaginative exercises.

Develop excellence in your communications by developing your personal posture (incl. body language and voice), listening skills, systems thinking, storytelling and others.

We explore how to set fertile conditions for transformative conversations that lead to insights no learning outcome could have predicted. You will experience what it means to sense into and use collective dynamic

You will be able to examine your personal life story to identify new perspectives and pathways. We provide a safe and warm-hearted space for vulnerability, self-expression, and personal explorations.

We add a deeper and higher level to innovative branding. Informed by brand’s unique essence, new ways of connecting with narratives, their history, diverse communities, or ways of sensing the brand open up.

Our space is designed to allow for synergies in various areas such as networking, career (re)orientation, support in business development, finding collaborators, or spiritual insight.

we challenge toxic narratives (e.g.: individual heroism or technology-obsession), invite more-than-human wisdom, ground stories in places and communities, and imagine different futures, among others.

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Disclaimer :

You can unsubscribe anytime. We suggest a commitment of at least 3 months, in order to create a group in which we can build a bond of trust.

Reciprocity price

We believe that no one should be turned away for a lack of funds. That’s why we’re offering a reciprocity price in exchange for joining our space. We’re curious to hear from you how you see you could support us in growing our space our regenerative exploration . Wild creativity is welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

re:storied is a membership offer that gives you access to a learning community of care and practice around regenerative communication.

It’s designed to help you become a communication leader, shine your unique light (as a person or a brand), and belong to a space for radical experimentation.

You can subscribe on a monthly basis by clicking on the appropriate plan in the pricing tables above.

res:toried is for those seeking to serve life through transformative communications and storytelling.

You may be a communication, marketing or Public Relations professional or founding member of a start-up. Maybe you are a coach, a consultant, or an activist. You are a regenerator. Or an impact advocate. A leader. A community weaver. Maybe you are all of that. We gather these backgrounds and perspectives to shine together.

By joining us via the Villager plan you will have access to the re:storied community platform, monthly community session (Commsversations) and to a reduced price ticket for our workshop (35€ instead of 50€)

By optin for the Voyager plan you will have access to re:storied community platform, monthly community session (Commsversations) and the monthly workshop

Re:storied is a freelance collaboration between Jean-Philippe Steeger, Emilie Grau and Niels Devisscher. We are using Open Collective as money management platform and the fiscal host All For Climate to collect your membership. All For Climate acts as our common financial and administrative back office.

Your reccuring payment and invoices will be manage through the Open Collective platform.


The re:storied community platform (space.restoried.earth) is hosted on GrouppApp. After you’ve joined us via the Open Collective payment page, we need to add you manually on the re:storied community platform. No automation is possible between this two systems.

So be patient, we will do it in the next 48 hours max and you will receive your credentials by emails.

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