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re:storied explores regenerative communications in depth and breadth. Worshops and community sessions are part of the experience You’ll discover more details here.

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Communications and marketing are in crisis and we know it.

We’re stuck in outdated communication patterns. Human beings are reduced to being “consumers”.  We scream ever loader to capture the attention of our “target groups’” for short-term gains. Never mind holding nuance, contradiction and complexity. Deep down we know that the complexity of the world cannot fit into bite-sized pieces of content and 5-step guides. Sounds familiar ? 

But what if we could reimagine the rules of the game together ?
What becomes possible when we see communications as a pathway to thriving communities, cultures, and places ?

At a time of growing distrust, disengagement, and depression, we offer fresh perspectives on the potential of storytelling, conversations, visualisation, and more.

We believe that regenerative communications play a key role in channeling collective attention towards what’s essential at this time of change: healing, meaning, and aliveness. Indeed, many are craving for deeper connections and being part of a greater story — a story of regeneration.


Let's explore new pathways together

Our Regenerative Communications Framework guides our workshops and community circles based on various sources of inspiration

Including: nature’s communication patterns, regenerative leadership, as well as Celtic and other ancient wisdoms from Europe (land of the res:storied team).

You can see the replay and the collective feedback here

Today’s Communication Age is marked by increasing levels of disconnection, distraction, up to depression. We are facing a profound crisis of meaning. How we narrate about the world has concrete impacts on how we tackle economic, social and environmental challenges. Which kinds of narratives can help us find orientation, purpose, and community to steer through the fog of our age? Based on an understanding of the root causes of communication challenges today, we dive into what a regenerative approach to communications in general and narratives in particular looks like.

When we look at the communications and marketing industry today, a lot of effort is put into keeping a collapsing economic model artificially alive. Workers in the industry however seldomly question their role. That’s why the session is an invitation to reflect upon our self-understanding as communicators. We will explore the conditions in which we can grow into our potential by seeking inspiration from ecology and various wisdom traditions. How is my story as a communicator embedded into greater narratives? And what do I need to understand to be able to bring back meaning, healing, and aliveness?

Ever more, ever faster, everywhere – this could be the summary of today’s world of communications and marketing. Beyond an often militaristic logic and language (think “target groups”), how can we invite more life, compassion, and creativity into our practice? In consideration of our personal uniqueness, we explore our personal communication styles as ways of “opening the doors” to regenerative practices and stories. Us being part of nature, we also ask what it means to communicate in a more-than-human way.

In industrialised societies, people now spend more time in front of the screen than in nature or for speaking with each other. Many feel lonely and not part of any community, place or greater mission. What does it mean to communicate in ways that promote a sense of belonging and purpose? And how can communicating about (a place’s) essence reflect our (com)passion as part of something bigger? We take a look at the modern attention economy to identify fresh pathways that enable the concrete transformation of communities and places through various communication tools.

We often don’t see how ubiquitous advertisements are “targeting” our emotions and subconsciousness. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these marketing tactics – rooted in a mechanical understanding of human nature – are leading to a pandemic of depression, disorientation, and disengagement. How can we instead communicate in ways that make space for the full spectrum of our emotions, as well as our deepest dreams sleeping in our subconsciousness? The session explores how to have conversations to make the invisible visible and to design for flow and connection. It is also the occasion to learn “reading the signs” that nature and spiritual world may be sending us.

Nature doesn’t know 10-step lists to be a more efficient communicator, neither does nature know what lead funnel generation is. Yet, evolution has been a success story over 4,6 billion years. What do we need to understand about the rhythms, cycles, and patterns of nature for our communication design? And how can indigenous and postcolonial perspectives question overly simplistic, up to exploitative, communication approaches? The session is an invitation to explore more wholesome, integrative, and wise ways of communicating. It will also hold space to understand our personal “superpower” as communicators, grounded in that wisdom.

Who is this for ?

For anyone but especially those from communications and marketing professions.

 For the pioneers who want to reimagine the role of communicators in today’s world.

Replay of the launch workshop (March 2024)

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Collective feedback

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Meet your hosts

Nice to meet you !

We are Niels, Emilie and Jean-Philippe.

This workshop is a joint initiative between our 3 regenerative voices.

We are the co-founders of re:storied, the place for those at the threshold of transformation.

If you feel the call for more natural and wiser communications, we look forward to co-creating thriving worlds with you!


Online, via Zoom
March 6
 5-6.30 PM CET

Grab your place

We are keen on welcoming you to our Re:storying communications workshop.

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We host a space for connection and dialogue, where we can imagine and co-create:

Let’s expand your regenerative thinking & feeling capacities and evolve your marketing and communications practice with us.

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