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Re:storying narratives for a regenerative era

Posted on: mars 21, 2024
restorying narratives

The search for meaning at a time of collapse.

by Jean-Philippe Steeger.

Ever more visible are the signs of civilisational collapse. Yet, our ways of making sense of and communicating within the world are increasingly unfit for purpose. Beyond the ideologies of the 20th century and their updated versions today – which kinds of narratives can help us find orientation, purpose, and community to steer through the fog of our Communication Age?

Whether we look at the shortening attention span, the growing difficulty to create alignment in business or the seemingly impossible task to mobilise for climate action – we are facing great communication paradoxes. Indeed, our Communication Age gathers unprecedented amounts of information and yet, understanding and meaning seem at their scarcest.

We have more and more information, but less and less meaning. We’re ever more connected, but see record levels of loneliness.

New religious sects, the far-right movement, or digital ideologies are currently filling a void for meaning-making. At the same time, sustainability communications face increasing challenges. While Attenboroughs “saving our planet is now a communications challenge” may hold true, our understanding of communications seems to be limitative and reductionistic. Indeed, convincing, influencing, up to manipulating others from our narrow points of view actually creates new tensions.

Against that background, re:storied’s “re:storying narratives” workshop will zoom out from our day-to-day activities to look at the bigger picture. Where are we at with communications and marketing today? And how did we get there? Our journey will bring us from the 4,6bn years of nature’s communication history to the extractive narratives that have created many divisions showing up until this very day.

Saving our planet is now a communication challenge – but how far do we get with today’s industrialised understanding of communications?

Based on an understanding of the narrative root causes of our communication challenges today, we will introduce re:storied’s regenerative communications model, as well as our eight regenerative communications principles to orient our practice. The workshop is designed for a blended experiences consisting of historical explorations, group exchanges, self-reflections and creative exercises.

We look forward to re:storying worlds with you!

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During our workshop, we’ll explore:

  • the impact of historical narratives on our day-to-day experience
  • contemporary communication challenges of the modern attention economy
  • the natural history of communications in 4,6 billion years of evolution
  • an introduction to re:storied’s regenerative communications model and principles
  • the differences between extractive (business-as-usual) communications, sustainability communications and regenerative communications


  • An understanding of historical and modern civilisational narratives and their impact on conversations about issues like climate change, economic growth, or social inequalities today.
  • An overview of communication challenges in business, civil society, and interpersonal relationships today. You will be able to explore how these challenges appear in your own context.
  • A reflection on different approaches to communications today: extractive (“business-as-usual) communications, sustainability communications and regenerative communications.
  • A personal exploration of where you are at with your communications and marketing today. What are recurrent challenges you face? How are they linked to the megatrends we see today? And what does this mean for your role as communicator.
  • Practical models and tools to orient, deepen, and question your regenerative communication practice. “Where are your communications out of balance?”, “How can you use the wisdom of nature to design your communications?” count among the questions our model helps you to accompany your re:storied journey.

Join the workshop « re:storying narratives for a regenerative era » on Wednesday 8 May from 17-18:30h CET!

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