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Re:storied – building the portals of the regenerative age

Posted on: février 14, 2024

Regenerative communications for cultures of change

Welcome to the portal. A portal between worlds. This year, a new space into the regenerative era will be launched – re:storied. Our community of passionate and creative communicators boldly explores what it means to tell stories, speak a language, and draw the landscapes of an eco-civilization. Behind us: the fog of wars, the broken promises of modernity, the toxic soil of our industrial civilization, and the masses following the latest opportunists of collapse. Beyond: the essence of our dreams coming together to give life to thriving lives tomorrow.

by Jean-Philippe Steeger, Emilie Grau, and Niels Devisscher

We are in-between worlds, in a space where new worlds become possible. Re:storied is a portal towards a regenerative civilization. A portal for seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, feeling, sensing, dreaming, expressing, and playing with what it means to be fully alive. A portal for old and new wisdoms; of inner insight for outer attention landscaping. A portal to be in communion with Life.

We learn to tell new and renewed stories. We sing new songs. We dance new dances. We speak new languages. We attune ourselves to the diverse abundance given to us by Mother Nature. We listen to what becomes possible by coming home to our unique essence. 

Our personal life stories and professional experiences have brought us to a place where we consciously let go of the certainties of marketing, communications, and Public Relations. We are firmly convinced that most of the strategies, narratives, and “tactics” in these industries are contributing to the increasing levels of distrust, disengagement, and depression we see today.

We can’t win the “fight” against the far-right by copying their narratives, we can’t win “against” climate change by mobilizing for war, we can’t “influence” others for what we consider “good” if we forget to listen to what’s good for them. We can’t create new worlds with old stories.

The old certainties are disaggregating, the masks are falling, and the cards are mixing again. Everything becomes possible at this moment. We believe that we need to cultivate the collective capacity to sit with a plurality of world-views, lifestyles, and expressions of life. At this time of deep transformation, what will remain is likely to come from places of reenchantment, reconnection, and revitalisation

Re:storied provides a space in which we can come together to embrace regenerative, thriving, and actively hopeful pathways of communicating. It is a portal in which we choose to consciously walk into a regenerative future, a place where we can live in peace and abundance. What if communications could revitalize our relationship with ourselves and the planet? 

Repatterning communications to allow for breakthroughs

The narratives, languages, and conversations we have about our time are shaping the responses to today’s existential crises. However, today’s communication patterns are increasingly disconnected from reality, disengaged from communities, and distracted from what is needed. Indeed, denial, dissonance, and depression have become mainstream. Let’s make space for meaningful life stories, deep community experiences, and transformative conversations!

We believe that regenerative communications play a key role in channelling collective attention towards what’s essential at this time of change: healing, meaning, and aliveness. 

We envision communication spaces like re:storied that contribute to channelling energy towards regenerative communities, businesses, farms, or eco villages. Regenerative stories, artworks, conversations, and dreams, weave new potential in the hearts of people, in places, and across ecosystems. Re:storied is the space for emerging wise (re)connectors of worlds, for the voices of edgy perspectives, for the community re:enchanters.

A new consciousness of what it means to be fully alive

Moving to a regenerative approach to communications is, unlike communications-as-usual including sustainability communications, a profound questioning of our own role and presence. A first regenerative quality to embrace as a communicator is to become conscious of how we see the world.

We challenge narratives that perpetuate divisions, trauma, and helplessness. We are convinced that the modern machine story of eternal progress is at the root of today’s destruction of inner and outer worlds. Radically healing perspectives cannot be grounded in the ideologies of the past. Green growth promises or blind techno-optimism won’t solve the root causes of today’s interconnected crises.

Based on this realisation, re:storied proposes a life-aligned approach to communications. Starting with a fresh look at the world, re:storied explores what it means to reconnect to the Earth we call home. How do we speak about our personal roots, which role does heritage play in our story, and how can we ground communications in place and community? Once we’ll have explored the “fertile soil” of communications in our upcoming workshops, we make space for envisioning what it means to reimagine our stories, our attention landscapes, our communication ecosystems.

Communication leadership from the heart

We will tap into what it means to work with the natural flow of communications. How do we make space for emotions and heart wisdom? What is the role of “warm data” in understanding audiences? And what can we learn when communications are stuck? To welcome such questions, we will step into our personal role as “fire-holders” – how can we allow our own passion to flourish to spark the light in our communication environments? And where is our light most needed in our ecosystem?

Our journey will take us from the portal to new landscapes and experiences. We want nothing less than to re:story worlds together. Place by place. And we’re now inviting communicators who have heard the call to join us. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have the space in which we can come up with questions, collaborations, and approaches that can transform our worlds.

The question is: are you ready to revitalise (y)our stories?

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